Tapping Our Parental Power

Tapping Our Parental Power (TOPP) is a parent education and empowerment curriculum that equips parents to provide home environments that supports academic success while respecting the unique needs of every household.Workshop capacity is generally 25 parents.

The TOPP Foundation; The 15-hour Course

Parents complete exercises and participate in discussions that gain their trust, permission and cooperation to become Empowered Parents; ones who:

  • Are aware of, and willing to take responsibility for, the psychological, emotional and physical impact of their words, attitudes, and behaviors on their children
  • Are committed to providing what is needed for the positive growth, maintenance and development of children
  • Consciously transmit a system of positive and productive values and beliefs to their children
  • Establish rules, boundaries and consequences that they consistently apply to themselves and their children
  • Are flexible in their parenting with the goal of creating empowered adults/parents.


Whoever Thought of Time Out Needs a Butt-Whippin

Course Description: Parents explore the sticky subject of spanking in this dynamic, fun and funny workshop.  Parents uncover the why, when and even how of spanking and its place in a broader discipline plan.  This will not be a debate about whether or not to spank.

Objective: To strengthen the parent-child relationship by helping parents who choose to spank to do so in as healthy and thoughtful a manner as possible.

Moving the Unmotivated Child to Action

Course Description: Parents will explore concerns and fears about children’s lack of motivation and leave equipped with easily implementable strategies to gain cooperation in the face of lack of motivation.

Objective: To strengthen the parent-child relationship by equipping parents with effective, family-building means to support their children through scary, intimidating and/or pouty times.

Identifying and Breaking the Destructive Single Mother’s Cycle

Course Description: Single mothers will identify, explore and smash this crippling cycle that, when undetected, passes from generation to generation

Objective: To strengthen the parent-child relationship by helping the single mother to gain greater self-awareness, peace and personal power in any situation, and assist their children in gaining the same

Sex! Not My Baby!

Course Description: Parents will prepare for the inevitable – their children’s impending sexual discovery – ugh!

Objective: Parents create a realistic plan that keeps their children and them on the same team during the ups and downs and ins and outs (no pun intended) of puberty

Succeed/Fail: How We Teach Our Children to Do Both

Course Description: Participants will learn at least 5 ways parents unknowingly guide their children to fail in school, while at the same time, uncovering how to habituate them for success

Objective: To equip parents with specific methods that help them prepare their children to do well academically and behaviorally in school

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