U&I-RISE is an education and training company that uses African-Centered Philosophy to solve Black American problems. We use basic relationship fundamentals to connect people in ways that improve production and culture at school, at work and in the community.

U&I-RISE offers the following training to schools, businesses, organizations, and other institutions who serve, hire and/or work with majority Black people, children and families to accomplish tasks and/or achieve successful outcomes:

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Bolanle Ambonisye (Bo Lahn Lay Ahm Bo Nees Yay) Founder | Director | Lead Facilitator | Lead Trainer

Bolanle Ambonisye is a certified African-centered Education instructor and self-proclaimed student of relationships. Bolanle is recognized as “Mama” in St. Louis, Missouri’s and Council of Independent Black Institutions’ (CIBI) schools and communities. Mama Bolanle taught K(obe)-2nd grades for 11 years, then turned her attention to parent education and staff training once she realized “What’s wrong with children is adults.”

Mama Bolanle created the U&I-RISE curricula using the information and insight gained from over 25 years in adult and child education in majority Black spaces (including 10+ years as a full-time African-Centered Educator) and over 30 years of parenting her 4 children, who raised her very well..

​Bolanle also enjoys African dance, which she also teaches.