Unapparencies & Intra-Racial Insight Sensitivity Education (U&I-RISE) for Businesses, Institutions, and Organizations (BIOs)

Unapparencies – things or conditions that are not apparent, not obvious, not easily seen, hidden Intra-Racial – within the race; in this case, within the “Black” race.



U&I-RISE provides a process by which Blacks examine and combat latent negative attitudes about work and/or fellow co-workers, thus helping work situations to be more productive.


U&I-RISE is a 16-hour, 2-part process that

1.Brings to light specific conditions that might cause some Black people to misuse work relationships, to devalue and avoid work, or to produce only the minimum that is required to keep a job; and

2.Offers specific, practical, immediately implementable strategies that foster change in thinking, attitude, and behavior. In short, removing historically-inbred interpersonal distractions improve work relationships and increase productivity.



  1. Increased Work Morale – Participants exhibit a more positive attitude toward their own work, their work with others, and toward work in general, accomplished through the realization of a higher purpose of work beyond receiving a paycheck.
  2. Increased Productivity – The quality and quantity of work will improve as a result of taking pride in and being accountable for one’s work.
  3. Decreased Attrition Rate – Greater appreciation of the ability to work is fostered as participants gain the understanding that all work is valuable, honorable, and worthy of one’s best effort and commitment.