Home-School Connection

Parent-Teacher Agreement + Prepared Children = Achieving Students

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U&I-RISE’s Home-School Connection Program is a 2-part relationship-strengthening tool for teacher and parent access that:

          –   Proactively creates a shared base of Understanding,         Support/Accountability and Solidarity between parents and teachers, and also

      –  serves as a parent orientation that introduces parents to the schooling process by

·         –   equipping parents with basic information and tools needed to provide a home environment that supports their expectations for their children’s academic success



The 2 are the same, except that Support is proactive and Accountability is reactive:

·         –   Support sets the tone, creates space for dialog and the welcoming of questions and concerns at a time when there’s no specific problem; sets everyone up for success

·        –    Accountability is better embraced when a problem arises because of the clarity, agreement and trust established in the beginning. Parents and teachers are more prone to solution-orientation than finger-pointing

Part 1 - Understanding

The Home-School Connection online course (Part 1) creates shared language between parents and teachers about their relationship and responsibilities to their children/students and the school community. This shared language makes it easier to communicate and work together to identify and solve problems. The course creates understanding about:

1.       The definition of Education

2.       Who all educates and why “it begins at home”

3.       School’s and Home’s responsibilities to the Home-School Relationship (Home has 1 responsibility)

4.       What is needed to prepare any child to succeed in school

5.       How to prepare any child to succeed in school.

The online course is sequential; a person has to follow the process from beginning to end, and demonstrate understanding of the material along the way in order to progress to the next module. A certificate is awarded as proof of successful course completion.

Part 2 - Solidarity

The in-person experience (Part 2) builds cohesion and trust between the Emotional (Parenting) relationship and the Professional (Teaching) relationship by putting faces with names, setting goals together, and agreeing on what their own, and each other’s, responsibilities are toward meeting the goals. That way, as the school year progresses, problems that inevitably arise are seen as “bumps on the road”, and are treated in a way that actually strengthen the relationship. Students can’t help but excel because the adults that work closest with them are in agreement about the conditions they need to provide for students to succeed, and because the parents and teachers are working together, they provide it.

At School.

U & I Rise works with school districts to increase parental involvement through strengthening the Home-School Relationship.

At Work.

U & I Rise works with businesses to increase product quality and quantity through strengthening work relationships.

In the Community.

U & I Rise works with organizations to rebuild community cohesion through strengthening inter- & intra-family relationships.

Get advice.

As the mission of U & I Rise evolves, we are committed to assisting those seeking support.  We encourage you to reach out to us for assistance.


We use a mix of these 2 courses to create a tailor-made training for school districts, businesses and organizations, based on their unique needs.


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Christine Walters

My story

Bolanle formed U & I – RISE, a Limited-Liability Corporation whose purpose is to foster individual, family and community empowerment. U & I – RISE is an acronym that stands for Unapparencies and Intra-Racial Insight/Sensitivity Education. Many people have heard of, and even participated in, inter-racial sensitivity training, which seeks to increase respect between races and cultures. U & I – RISE is INTRA-racial sensitivity, which seeks to increase respect among Black / African-American people for Black / African-American people by making us more aware of the prejudices we have toward, and more sensitive to and embracing of, ourselves. In layman’s terms, this is known as self-love, which is the foundation of empowerment.

Bolanle Ambonisye

(Bo Lahn Lay - Ahm Bo Nees Yay)

Who we are...

U&I-RISE is an education and training company that uses African-Centered Philosophy to solve American problems. We use basic relationship fundamentals to connect people in ways that improve production and culture at school, at work and in the community.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.