U&I-RISE is an education and training company that uses African-Centered Philosophy to solve Black American problems. We use basic relationship fundamentals to connect people in ways that improve production and culture at school, at work and in the community.

Our Mission

U&I-RISE offers the following training to schools, businesses, organizations, and other institutions who serve, hire and/or work with majority Black people, children and families to accomplish tasks and/or achieve successful outcomes:

Bolanle Ambonisye

(Bo Lahn Lay Ahm Bo Nees Yay)


Extraordinary Experiences

Bolanle Ambonisye is a certified African-centered Education instructor and self-proclaimed student of relationships. Bolanle is recognized as “Mama” in St. Louis, Missouri’s and Council of Independent Black Institutions’ (CIBI) schools and communities. Mama Bolanle taught K(obe)-2nd grades for 11 years, then turned her attention to parent education and staff training once she realized “What’s wrong with children is adults.”


Our Core Values

Mama Bolanle created the U&I-RISE curricula using the information and insight gained from over 25 years in adult and child education in majority Black spaces (including 10+ years as a full-time African-Centered Educator) and over 30 years of parenting her 4 children, who raised her very well..

Bolanle also enjoys African dance, which she also teaches.